We all like to listen to stories.

Parables are stories that teach lessons.

Often these stories (or fables) may be with animal or plants as main characters.

 Examples may be:

*Fox and the Crow (from author Aesop)

*Man forced to choose one his children to give to a hungry giant (from author Hosseini)

*Leaky pail (from author unknown)

*Trees deciding who should be their king

*Mustard seed

*Pearl of great price

*Wealthy man and the beggar

*Burial of a treasure

 Most parables come from the Bible.  We too, like the animals, characters, or plants, have our own unique stories and life lessons.  We made our own mistakes before learning.

 I love to tell stories, but I am not the best storyteller.  I think that means I need to be  a far better listener than speaker.

 It has taken me a long time to understand that talking (or interrupting for that matter) is far less important.  It is in those infrequent quiet moments that I think I may try to grasp what my lessons in life will be.

Stories of:

*People I love dying from cancer

*Those who work hardest in life (like teachers, state politics or others in service industries) being downgraded for the gain of the wealthy.

*Baby fighting for the ability to live

*Work overshadowing life

*Extracurriculars dominating family

*Wars destroying innocent people

*Putting up wood for the winter (remember the Ant and the Grasshopper?)

*And…so many, many more

 The only person who ever did everything he said he was going to do, never lied, gave up everything for everyone else, and meant it was Jesus Christ.

 So, the next time you hear a story (or a parable), are we all listening enough to get what we need to learn? Or are we trying to change the story?

 I don’t know yet, but I will continue to strive to listen and to understand.

I would like to hear your stories too, and to learn from them.  


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