Bible Exercise

Over the holidays, especially around the New Year, many people make exercise promises or other resolutions they don’t always intend to keep.  I too am the same.

No, I am in decent shape (for my age).  I mean Bible brain exercise.  For the past year, I challenged myself to read the daily readings from the Bible, no matter how busy I was.  I cannot say I read every single day.  I did read most every single day, no matter how tired, now matter how cryptic the reading, no matter what else I was trying to get done.

I set aside the time each morning to “have coffee with God,” and I now understand how it must feel to begin training for a marathon.  I have realized that there is so much to learn!  I have read the same readings again , only to gain new insight.  I am beginning to notice patterns (Yes, Catholics had those set up all along, but I had not noticed them before).

So, this morning, as I read yet once more about John the Baptist, I felt renewed.  A year or so ago, I may have wondered, “Why again John the Baptist?”

Now I ask myself, “What sins you need to cleanse?  Have you accepted enough time for God to enter into your heart?  Have you invited anyone else to think about God?  Are you brave enough to answer when others question you about God or Catholicism?

So, in 2015, I am going to start each morning again with my daily readings, do my exercises, and have some coffee with God.  I may continue to share some of my insights and realizations with you all, but above all, I have learned that although I am hardly an Olympian (in running or in reading the Bible), I cannot make myself healthier without going to God each day.  I need His Word.


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